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Summer works patiently with the dog and the dog’s parent.  She devotes considerable effort to patiently training the owner as well as the dog.  Her technique differs from what one would expect.  She continually updates herself on new knowledge and ideas from her professional community.  We enjoy her regular updates on the web and look forward to group classes as well as other classes that she will offer in the future.  We were very pleased with Summer’s training methods for our Calhoun and would definitely recommend her to others! 

Sheri & Jeff Sager & Calhoun- Aubrey Texas
avatar"In April of 2009 we lost a member of our family (Ranger a 4 yr old lab), he was hit by a car when he ran out in the street. Shortly after losing Ranger we brought our current lab (Champ) home to help fill the void left by losing our very good friend.  I’ve owned dogs all my life and was quite confident in my skill of training, but come to find out I had NO idea what I was doing. 

Currently we have 2 dogs, Mikko a 3 yr old pit bull mix and Champ a 16 month old Chocolate lab, and prior to Summers training walking both dogs at the same time or leaving them out when company came over was COMPLETELY out of the question! We also had to institute a rule to where the front door was never used, we would come and go through the garage so the dogs did not bolt out the door. 

One evening my wife was walking Mikko and I was walking Champ.  Champ pulled free from his collar and Mikko pulled my wife down, and down the street both dogs ran with me running and yelling behind them and all I could think about was what happed to Ranger happening to either one or both of these two; I’m still not sure how I got them back but eventually I did.  As soon as I got home I began searching for trainers.

I chose Summer because she seemed very nice and was willing to train Champ in our environment, I am proud to say I am 100% positive I made the right choice.  Summer would not only show us how to correct the negative behavior but she would also explain to us WHY/HOW the negative behavior began, which is priceless in my book.

After the 1st lesson there was an IMMEDIATE difference!  As the lessons continued so did BOTH dogs improvement, there were SO many different aspects to training that I had never considered.

Now that the lessons are over, walking both dogs at the same time is no problem whatsoever, we have had multiple gatherings at the house in which the dogs could have cared less what was going on… IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I have taken Champs leash off a few times while in a field (away from traffic) and he does exactly as I ask him to.  Not that I will make a habit of that (due to what happened to Ranger) but it’s nice to know I can break his attention and get him back to me if I need to.

I HIGHLY recommend Summer and her program, it has completely changed our lives!"


-Jesse Keene and Champ, Lewisville, Texas
avatarBefore we started training with Summer and On the Ball, we had a wonderful yet rambunctious 75lb Golden Retriever. On the Ball training was not our first training program. We tried two other programs with unsuccessful results. Though it takes a lot of work keeping up with the training (as in any training program) we noticed a change in our dog’s behavior fairly quickly. He’s still the same wonderful 75lb Golden Retriever, but with much better manners. Some of the issues that have been corrected were: jumping (sometimes even humping) on guests, lunging and pulling while on walk, and getting WAY TOO excited when crossing paths of other dogs. After 8 weeks of training: jumping is no longer an issue, walking is no longer a chore, and his manners with other dogs have improved dramatically. We are very happy with the results and Beau is much happier, as now he understands that he no longer needs to pull on walks. We wanted a dog we could take out in public and enjoy being outdoors with. Thanks to On the Ball Training and Summer, we have achieved our goal.
Thank You Summer!

-Wes, Vivi and Beau, Denton, Texas
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