New toy to help prevent boredom??

I went to the pet store the other day in between clients to pick up some treats.  I bought this Everlasting Treat Ball from Triple Crown.  I had seen the toy when I was at the 2007 IACP Conference in Hutto TX this past March and thought it would be great for Pilot.  When I bought this toy the other day, I bought it for Modi to keep her busy but I figured Pilot could test it out too.  If he liked I would go get him one.

I gave the toy to Modi and she played with it for about 20 minutes then she was frustrated so Pilot took over.  This Everlasting Treat Ball states “hours of interactive fun” & “prevents destructive boredom behavior”. 

Pilot, my Dutch Shepherd, who is very smart and a little neurotic got the treat out in 10 minutes.  I don’t think that this toy would work well for him :)  Modi, my Belgian Malinois, worked on it yesterday and it kept her busy most of the day till she finally was able to get the treat out.  Major, my German Shepherd, didn’t get a chance to try out the new toy.  I guess I will have to go get some more treats and let him test it out.

I think this toy would work great for certain dogs.  Just like anything else, something may work well for one dog but not for another…. 

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  1. Great pictures. Hope your training business keeps growing. Watch out for little fuzzy, yappy things in the snow.

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