Another K9 Scent Works 101 class scheduled for Feb.

Since our Jan. class is FULL we have decided to add another class to start in Feb.

This is a fun class that every do can have success at and you will enjoy immensely as your dog learns to harness the power and ability of his/her nose! This class was created to develop your dog’s natural abilities by using their desire to hunt combined with their love of toys, food and exercise. It’s a great way for your dog to have fun, build confidence and burn lots of mental and physical energy. There are no prerequisites for the class. Dogs of most any age can participate and no obedience is required. This is a skill you will be able to use at anytime to entertain your dog and burn some energy.

The dates for this 6 week class are TBD
Limited to 6 dogs/handler teams

Fee: $125 ($25 non-refundable deposit to hold spot in class. Will be applied to cost of class!)
Location:American Legion Post 71 on Spencer Rd in Denton

Reserve your spot today!

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