They will only be as good as you make them!

So you just got a new dog or puppy. The next logical step would be, get it trained. You start looking around for dog trainers. Do you do group class, private lessons, or a board and train? What method of training do you use? What are your really looking to get out of the training, a dog that can go almost any place or just one that behaves at home? 

All of these are good questions but some other things you need to consider are:

Do I have time to invest into the dog & training? – Dog training is not magic. No matter what program you do or what method you use, you will still need to set aside time to work with your dog.

Do I have the patience? – Dog training requires patience. Remember, you are dealing with an animal that doesn’t speak your language.

Can I follow through? – Dog training requires follow through.  If you give your dog a command, make sure that you follow through and help them be successful with performing that command.  If not, chances are, they will not learn what you are trying to teach them or they will learn that you aren’t going to follow through with things, so why listen at all!

Can I be consistent?– Consistency is key. If you are not consistent, you will confuse your dog and more than likely they will not listen to you.  If you tell your dog to sit meaning to put their butt on the ground and down to lay their belly on the ground, then you tell them sit down and your dog lays down, did they do something wrong?

With a little time, patients, follow through and consistency you can have the dog you have always wanted.

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