3 years already? WOW- How time flies!

Back in the early part of 2007, I started looking into getting another dog.  I knew that I wanted a puppy and I knew I wanted a Belgian Malinois.  I already had 2 other working breeds, a 4-year-old German Shepherd Dog  named Major and a 2-year-old Dutch Shepherd  named Pilot, why not add a third?  I started looking around for a Belgian Malinois breeder and after talking with some other trainers, I contacted Mason’s Malinois in Mississippi. After some extensive questions from Bill Mason regarding getting one of his puppies, I sent in a deposit  for a female puppy.  

Modi 8 weeks old

 August of 2007 we received our new puppy whom we named Modi (Modi – the son of Thor. He was the god of battle wrath. He was worshipped by the fierce Berserks, warriors that drug themselves not to feel the wounds in battles. His name means “courage”). Ok so we gave her a boy name, happens all the time! LOL.  

Almost a year old

I knew that Modi was going to eventually take over Majors role of my demo dog for On The Ball K9 Training LLC and wanted to make sure I got her socialized right from the start. I made sure that I started Modi’s training as soon as she came into our home.  After only having her a few weeks Modi and I traveled from Alaska to attended E-Palooza (a dog trainers seminar) at That’s My Dog in WI.   

Around 14 weeks old, I started Modi on a remote training collar that has helped me shape her into the dog she is today.  When Modi was 15 months old, she passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen test. Today Modi helps me to train other dogs who need some help to become better canines.  

Modi & Tree in a down/stay

June 26, 2007 Mason’s Modi was born in Mississippi. In just 3 years she has traveled the U.S.A and even through Canada, met as well as helped lots of people & dogs, & has made many friends. Over the many more years to come, Mason’s Modi will continue to help people and their dogs live a better life together, the same way she has taught me!  


On Saturday June 26, 2010 Modi will be 3 years old! 

Happy Birthday Modi! 


  1. Happy Birthday Modi!!!!

  2. Modi is a very special dog – and although she has a boy name – I believe the name fits her!
    Happy Birthday Modi!!!

  3. Happy birthday Modi!! Biscuits all around!

  4. Happy Birthday to my best girl. I love older women :)

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