Happy Clients!

“Before we started training with Summer and On the Ball, we had a wonderful yet rambunctious 75lb Golden Retriever. On the Ball training was not our first training program. We tried two other programs with unsuccessful results. Though it takes a lot of work keeping up with the training (as in any training program) we noticed a change in our dog’s behavior fairly quickly. He’s still the same wonderful 75lb Golden Retriever, but with much better manners. Some of the issues that have been corrected were: jumping (sometimes even humping) on guests, lunging and pulling while on walk, and getting WAY TOO excited when crossing paths of other dogs. After 8 weeks of training: jumping is no longer an issue, walking is no longer a chore, and his manners with other dogs have improved dramatically. We are very happy with the results and Beau is much happier, as now he understands that he no longer needs to pull on walks. We wanted a dog we could take out in public and enjoy being outdoors with. Thanks to On the Ball Training and Summer, we have achieved our goal.”
Thank You Summer!
Wes, Vivi and Beau

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