Need Dog Training?

Do you need dog training? 

If so, you many want to call today becasue as of March 20, 2009 On The Ball K9 Training LLC will stop taking new clients for the Pilot Program & Major Learning.  Call to schedule a FREE Demonstration and Evaluation with YOUR dog!

We will continue to offer our Consultation, Dog Walking and Treadmill training (for a limited time).

Consultation – Sets the foundation of leadership for you and your dogDuring this 2-3 hour Consultation, you will learn how to become the “leader of the pack”.  We will put you on the right track to modifying behavioral problems that your dog may be having.  If you have a new puppy or rescued a dog, we will help you get them started off on the right paw to a happy and balanced life for all of you!
Dog walking –Work long hours, too cold out, unable to get outside?-Your dog can’t burn off all that energy by themselves; let On the Ball K9 help you and your dog. This doesn’t mean just taking them out to go “potty”.  We would take them for a thirty minute or hour walk to give them the mental and physical exercise they need.
Prices for dog walking packages:
Package 1: $200 for 10 30-minute walks or 5 one hour walks.*
Package 2: $300 for 16 30-minute walks or 8 one hour walks.*
Package 3: $400 for 24 30-minute walks or 12 one hour walks.**
Package 4: $500 for 32 30-minute walks or 16 one hour walks.**
Package 5: $600 for 40 30-minute walks or 20 one hour walks.**
* all walks have to be used within 30 days of purchase.
** all walks have to be used within 90 days of purchase.
Additional dogs are half-price (per dog) based on the package selected

Treadmill training – Teach your dog how to walk on the treadmillWe will come to your home and show you how to properly get your dog walking on the treadmill.  This will help eliminate extra pent p energy that your dog may have as well as make them happier and more relaxed.  This training will include three (3) initial, 30 minute training session with you and your dog.  (additional sessions may be required).

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