Puppy Preschool scheduled to start Feb. 6

Did you get a new puppy for the holidays? We are getting ready to start our first puppy preschool class in Sanger Texas. On February 6 2010 @ 11am start your new puppy out right!
In this class you will learn how to:
* House break your puppy
* groom and provide appropriate health care
* play positive games with your pup
* begin shaping behaviors such as leash walking, waiting at the door, sit and come.
* reduce behaviors such as play biting, jumping up, and inappropriate chewing.

This is a 4 week class. Cost is $75 per puppy
Last day to reserve a spot is February 1st 2010
Contact us @ www.ontheballk9.com or 940 765 3597 to reserve your spot today!

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