Tips for a Happier Holiday with your dog!

Now that the Thanksgiving Holiday is over, it’s time to prepare for Christmas. Some may have already started putting up your decoration, wrapping gifts, or preparing for Holiday parties. Make sure that with all the things going on during the holiday season that you keep you dog safe.  Here are a few things to keep in mind this holiday season.

FOOD:  Beware of alcohol, coffee, chocolate, tea, tobacco products, rich fatty foods such as gravy & grease, uncooked yeast dough, grapes & raisins, bones from fish, meat or poultry, macadamia nuts, & the artificial sweetener, xylitol.  All of these can cause serious harm or death to your dog. Teach your dog to stay out of the kitchen while holiday cooking is going on.  If you are unable to supervise your dog, put them in a crate in a quite room. To help prevent your dog from trying to steal food, feed him/her before you start cooking.

PLANTS:  Holly, Mistletoe, Hibiscus & Poinsettia can all cause problems from upset stomach to death.  Be sure to keep these plants out of reach of your dog.

DECORATIONS & GIFTS UNDER THE TREE:  Ribbons, yarn, & string can all cause intestinal obstructions. Gifts such as perfumes or after shaves can be toxic if ingested. As far as the tree itself, do not leave your pet unsupervised in the room where the tree is.  Teach your dog a “place” command so they have somewhere to relax that is away from the tree.

HAVING COMPANY:  If you are having company over, make sure your dog is up to date on its obedience.  Don’t allow your dog to jump on your guest, steal food off the table, get on the couch, or bolt out the door when people are going in and out.  If you need to, put your dog in a crate in a quite room, away from all the commotion. Once things have calmed down, allow your dogs to join the party.

Make sure to have a safe and happy holiday by keeping your dog safe and happy!

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