Training Your Dog- Is it worth it?

Picture this: You just got this cute little bundle of fur. When you brought this bundle of fur home it was so playful, funny, & loved to cuddle.  Then one day this cute little bundle of fur goes to the bathroom on your brand new rug (new rug $50).  The next time it chews a hole in your drywall (drywall repairs $300), starts digging holes in your yard (landscape repairs $250), and chews up the leather couch (new couch $1000).  Now this cute little bundle of fur isn’t so cute anymore since it is destroying all of your things.

When you starting looking for dog training there are several things to consider.  Here are a few things for you to think about.

* Private lessons- These lessons are normally done in your home or a place agreed upon by you and the trainer.  Lessons include you, your dog and the trainer.  Private lessons are great to work on specific problems and get more personal attention.  Private lessons are usually more expensive than group classes.

* Group Classes- This would be a class were there would be multiple people & dogs. Classes are usually once a week for a certain amount of weeks (normally 4, 6, or 8 weeks long).  Group class is great when working on socialization & distractions.  Most of the time (depending on the trainer) you will not get the personal attention in a group class.  Group classes are usually less expensive.

* Board & Train- a board and train program is where you would send your dog off to a trainer or training facility.  Board and Train programs can vary in price depending on how long your dog stays, what it taught and where you send your dog.  Some trainers or training facilities will tell you that the dog get a certain amount of  “training sessions” in a 14 day period.  What does your dog do the rest of the time its at the training facility?

* Specialty classes- These would be classes geared toward teaching your dog specific skills such as agility, tricks, AKC CGC, etc.  These classes are usually less expensive like a group class because there are multiple people & dogs.

No matter what type of training your interested in doing, make sure you check out your trainer or training facility.  Make sure you are comfortable with whoever will be helping you train your dog.

So the original question was Training your dog- is it worth it?  Think about how long you are going to have your dog and how much training will cost.  My answer would be, if its going to save my stuff, stop my dog from chewing up things, & I can take my dog with me out in public without having to worry about him or her acting like an unruly child, then YES its worth it.

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