Testimonials from Alaska

“After taking Summers Consultation class to help Kiska, a Siberian Husky, with her dominance issues I knew Summer could help with her other Problems. I signed Kiska up for the Major learning class and Kiska is now pleasant to take an a walk and I no longer end up with a sore hand and a backache. I’d also given up on getting a reliable recall on her and have spent many hours searching when she happened to get loose and won’t come back. With Summers help I am confident that being called home from work to search for a runaway dog will soon be a thing of the past. Summer is extremely patient and takes her time to make sure you understand what you need to do. Thanks Summer for all your help!!”
-Kathy Chapman, Anchorage, Alaska

“Summer did a great job with our two Yorkshire Terriers. I like to tell people that my terriers were in therapy for terror. Summer not only showed patience with the puppies but with the owners as well. It takes training the trainer not only training the puppies. I did not know if there was hope for either the owner or the puppy and it turned out that she was able to teach us all skills that we can continue to enhance on a daily basis, not to mention teaching our children manors and behavior toward animals. Thank you Summer and we would be happy to refer you to anyone and everyone.”

-Ben and Gretchen Nealy, Anchorage, Alaska


“Summer is patient, kind, wise, motivated and likable. The training makes very good sense and was so much more effective than the training we had received by others with our first dogs.”

-Paul & Marie Maiden, Anchorage, Alaska
“Hiring Summer of On The Ball K9 is one of the best things my husband & I could have done to help with the proper training & socializing of our larger, mixed-breed puppy. We’ve hired Summer for personal, in-home training sessions, the 1-hour walk program & meeting her for training classes with other dogs. I’ve found that in all environments: my home, dog walking & classes, that Summer’s professional but flexible experience has worked well for us. We are using the remote collar to assist with training our puppy. Our puppy is currently 9 months old, about 70 pounds & a bit strong-willed. He does want to learn, listen & “do the right thing” but can need some ’strong’ encouragement to stay in focus while walking & training. I’m confident that knowing Summer will lead our dog to be a happy, well-adjusted member of our family.”

 -Theresa Dayton and Tom Cicardo, Anchorage, Alaska

“Summer is great with animals (and people). She had my dog “listening” to her in the first minute, without saying a word. Now my dog is a whole lot more fun to be with. And I don’t have to worry about him “jetting” off on me. Seriously, Duke is soooo much more fun. We went for a walk downtown last night by the old federal building, I let his leash just drag on the ground, and he stayed right with me. I need him to be able to respond to the kids just by voice command, and he is getting there. And he doesn’t jet out the front door any more either. My dog is better behaved and that makes me happy! It also makes him happy. Summer… you rock!”

-Susan Pacillo & Duke, Anchorage, Alaska


“I am so pleased with the training that we have received from Summer. I liked the personal one-on-one training. We weren’t in a group where the most unruly dog got all of the attention. I really like that I now have the tools and the confidence for my dog to be off leash. I feel more secure with my dog no matter where we are. My dog was running with a moose the other morning and I was able to have my dog stop and come to me. Knowing I have that control now is so liberating. I know my dog is safer now. I liked Summer’s professionalism and expertise with dogs. I liked that she had the answers, and if she didn’t, she found out – like, does an Old English Bulldog swim? My stubborn dog is now off leash. I know I can call him and he will come. I am now calm and relaxed when we go for a walk. It was also helpful when Summer brought her dog to assist with the training. When Gilly was ready for off leash training it helped to have Modi there. It was helpful to see how Summer interacts with her dog. To follow her example. My dog now walks on leash without pulling. He is more aware of where I am and we walk together. I never thought I could be this happy with my dog, thanks Summer! I already have referred co-workers and friends. I have actual measurable results from this training.”

-Susan Gorba & Gilbert, Anchorage, Alaska

“We had some behavioral issues with one of our dogs, an intact male, Labrador Retriever, Marley, and I knew I needed the help of a professional trainer. I started doing my homework and decided to try On the Ball K9 Training. It was one of the best things I’ve done for my dogs, myself, and my husband. Before meeting Summer and going through one of her free consultations, I would have never thought of using an e-collar. I thought they were cruel and inhumane. Summer’s demonstration showed me that e-collars are one of the many tools you can use to redirect your dog’s attention, and if you are trained in their use and use them correctly, they are no more cruel or inhumane than using a collar and regular leash. She had me experience what it felt like, and honestly, I could barely feel it (felt like a tapping sensation). She spent at least an hour with me answering questions, showing me how the collar worked on Marley, and I was impressed enough to sign up Marley and our Lab-mix Kaylee. I also invested in e-collars for all the dogs (we also have a Yellow Labrador, Riley). I loved the private, affordable lessons and the one-on-one attention Kaylee and Marley received. We took them to various locations so they could experience people, sliding doors, elevators, stairs, etc. One of my favorite lessons involved the command “place,” a valuable tool when it comes to feeding time and when guests come over. Summer is always calm, patient, and positive. She helped me work on how I was walking (too tense and stiff) and helped me relax and become more calm and confident when I had the dogs out in a public place. She gave me advice on working with Kaylee’s fear of certain objects. Before she left Alaska, she set up a series of free training sessions with her clients so we could work on what our dogs had learned in a small group setting. They were a complete blast! I highly recommend Summer! You won’t regret hiring her!”

Sasha Prewitt, Marley & Kaylee, Anchorage Alaska


“I have a lab/huskey pound puppy named Diego. I call him puppy as apparently these two breeds take a long time to settle down, or at least that is my experience with Diego. Diego turned 3 years old in June. For the first two years of his life with us there were times when I was unsure if we were going to blend as a pack…not due to lack of love on his part for me…but rather he chewed “everything” in sight….the loss of the steps off two elipticals, a weight bench, his new canvas dog kennel were not as great as the books and other items that we had in boxes in the garage that he destroyed. He was an absolute terror at the end of the leash, and of course I had alot to learn. Meeting Summer at On the Ball K-9 was an absolute blessing. She taught me how to walk Diego and impressed on me the importance of the walk to Diego. That first walk that Summer observed with me and Diego she asked me if the speed that I walked with him was a normal walk speed for me?. The answer was no, I just had to walk that fast to keep up with him. Now after about 1 year I have a wonderful walk partner in my puppy Diego. He still is loads of energy and the begining of each walk begins with the same excitement for him. Being able to walk Diego without the fight and struggle has made for an absolute love match between me and my walking buddy. Thank you Summer for your friendship, time and training.”

 -Blessings and Woof from Kristena and Diego, Anchorage, Alaska

“Summer worked with our first German Shepherd and we were so impressed with her professionalism and results that we contracted with her for our second Shepherd. Her method of training is reliable, consistent and safe for both the owner and the pet. The potentially harsh and dangerous environments of Alaska made the choice of the E-Collar an easy one as it allows us to draw the attention and obedience of our dogs regardless of external stimuli. (Moose, Bears, etc) She is a personable individual and is an instructor that can modify her program to suit your (or the dogs) needs. Both my wife and I highly recommend her and her training program to anyone with dogs, especially large ones.”

-James and Darlene Sizemore, Alaska

“Dear Summer, I was so glad to spend those hours with you last month. I learned a lot about how to be a better and calmer pack leader. I have had a few opportunities to practice what you taught me and I certainly feel more empowered to react appropriately when we encounter other dogs. I find that by multitasking I really don’t have time to tense up and freak out. The pointers and lessons you gave me were very, very helpful and I appreciate it more than you know. That was some of the best money I’ve ever spent and the lessons will remain with me. I think you are an awesome trainer, wise and calm. I couldn’t help but feel calmer around you and Modi and, when I start to feel myself getting tense, I think of that day at University park. You gave me invaluable lessons and advice- I now feel like a calm but assertive pack leader. Thank you again so much for helping me help Bella, who is the love of my life.”

Debbie Falco & Bella, Anchorage Alaska June 2010


“Dear Summer, I really wish you were still here, I’ve grown to depend on you and respect your judgment. Zoe does too! I appreciate all your efforts on our behalf and taking your time to return to AK! You are a nationwide dog trainer! I recently had a visitor in my home who fancies himself as good with dogs and he was here and visiting with us in October. He tells me that Zoe has calmed down considerably and is surprised with my ability to train her. I have said to you before you do a good job to train me so in turn I can train her to be a good dog! She is a good dog and is improving all the time because of you! You are so calm and knowledgeable. I appreciate the fact to that you are just an e-mail away for my questions and that you take a genuine interest in our progress which tells me that you are there for the ongoing process of making my Zoe into the good girl that I know she is. Thanks so much! ArlenePS My son and daughter-in-law have a Weimeriner puppy and in need of a trainer. Anybody that you can recommend now that the “Cesar Milan” of Anchorage lives in TX?

Arlene & Zoe, Anchorage, Alaska- June 2010

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