How much does training cost?  The cost of the training depends on several things including what your goals are with the training.  Since we cover everything for Puppy training to off leash reliability, the cost will vary.  This is one reason we offer our In-home evaluations.

What is covered in the evaluation? The evaluation is a kind of “shop before you buy”. We offer an evaluation with your dog so we can go over your training goals and discuss the best option to help you reach those goals. It also gives you the opportunity to meet us, so you feel comfortable with whom you are going to be working with. It also gives us the opportunity to meet you and your dog and help you determine the best plan of action.  Contact us to schedule an evaluation with your dog.

How much does an evaluation cost? The evaluation is FREE if you are located with in 15 miles from our location in Denton Texas.  If you are outside of the 15 miles there is a travel fee.  If you are interested in setting up an evaluation with your dog and are located outside the 15 mile radius, we will inform you of the travel fee prior to scheduling the evaluation.

How long are the training programs? Again this depends on what your goals are for your dog.  We will go over all the details of each program at the time of the evaluation.

Do you offer boarding? We offer boarding only for dogs who have been through our K9 Camp training programs.

Do you train protection/attack dogs?  No, we do not do any protection training.

Do you train aggressive dogs? Yes, we do train aggressive dogs.

What type of payments do you take? We accept cash, check and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard & Amex)

Do you train all breeds of dogs?  Yes, we train little dogs to big dogs, no matter the breed.

Where can I get those “dog beds” I see in all those pictures on FaceBook?  You can order them directly from the K9 Shop and we will ship it right to you.

Can I send both of my dogs in for K9 Camp at the same time?  Our K9 Camp Board and Train program is devoted to your dog while they are here training.  In our experience, it is best for dogs from the same household to come in at separate times to allow the best learning environment possible.

How many dogs are in for training at one time?  Since the dogs live at our home, we normally only take 1 dog at a time for K9 Camp although there could be an over lap of training dogs as well as boarding dogs.

Can I send my young puppy in for K9 Camp?  K9 Camp dogs need to be crate trained and at least 6 months old.  If you have a puppy younger than 6 months old, we do offer an In-Home puppy consultation to help you get started.

What training methods do you use? Although we specialize in Remote Collar training, we use several different training methods in the course of our programs.  We would be happy to discuss all of our training with you, just contact us for an evaluation with your dog

If I send my dog to K9 Camp, do I still need to use the remote collar when they come home? Since during K9 Camp your dog is only learning the foundation of training, you will still need to use the remote collar when they come home to solidify the training.

How long does my dog have to wear the remote training collar? The time frame varies depending on the consistency and follow through of the owner.