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Summer is the best! Our Boxer Zoey spent a week boarding with her.  Before Zoey’s stay, it was an odyssey taking her out for walks.  Zoey is notorious for jumping all over people – not to bite, just play.  She gets excited easily.  She reacts to everything around her and rarely stands still – lawn mowers, motorcycles, people and/or animals, would cause her to go wild.  The first day with Summer, she took Zoey to the park and sent us a picture of Zoey laying down, posing for the camera by herself.  Then came Office Max, and more trips out in public.  There was Zoey, behaving remarkably well – even posing for pictures with other dogs and not going crazy.  Summer sent us pictures and videos everyday and kept us abreast of the progress – which I appreciated very much.  Zoey had great fun running around playing with Modi and others.  Upon our return, Summer talked to us about what she observed and gave us tips on how to get the behavior corrected.  We have greatly benefited from this experience.  Zoey is now a lady and we are much better parents to her.  All because of Summer!
Thanks for all your help and for being there for all of us.

Coulter, Karina & Zoey – Corinth Texas


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