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avatar"Our experience with Summer of On The Ball K9 training was nothing short of wonderful. Summer set us up with the tools so that we can to raise an Akita puppy into a well Obedient Akita Dog, she took the time to answer any question that we had and never made us feel out of place being the novice new puppy owners we are. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Knowledgeable Dog trainer and someone that will take the time to train you as well. 

Consider us Team Summer........... "   

Roderick Steepes and Nova - Lewisville Texas - July 2018
"I can't say enough nice things about Summer and On The Ball K9 Training.  I have 2 German Shepherds that my wife, child, and myself all adore, but were driving us nuts. They're polar opposites from each other and were combining to create chaos constantly. We'd done some training in the past, but I didn't feel confident in my ability to set the foundations we needed to have the dogs we wanted. My wife and I actually saw Summer teaching a group class at our local farmer's market and there were quite a few dogs there behaving the way we hoped ours could. My wife went and spoke with Summer, got her info, and we looked her up. We really liked what we saw and ended up contacting her and setting up a consultation. After speaking with Summer about the options she had available, we chose to do the board and train camp. Best decision we could have made! Summer transformed both of our dogs and set that solid foundation so we can enjoy being with our dogs pretty much anywhere now. Both the dogs loved Summer and I think my male felt he should just move in with her. They came back to us with the knowledge and confidence to behave at home and around town. My female learned that she doesn't have to bark at everyone and everything that moves while we're out and that's a huge relief. I've had family members over to see the dogs and they can't believe they're the same dogs. During the whole training experience Summer kept me informed about what was going on, what was being worked on, sent me pictures and videos, and left me feeling completely confident that I was getting exactly what I hoped out of her training. I really can't express how impressed I've been with my dogs progress and it's an ongoing process with Summer offering group classes and events where I can bring my dogs and work with them under her guidance. Anyone who's even thinking about using On The Ball K9 should stop thinking about it and get Summer on the phone."

Justin & Jen Kargel ~ Thor & Freyja - Coppell Texas December 2017
"Our adopted Great Pyrenees rescue dog, Lady was a mess!  She pulled when on a leash, nearly pulling our arms out of their sockets and she did not mind.  Oh yes, and the barking at people and other dogs!  She took over “our space” and let us know that she was the boss of the house.  Finally we connected with Summer Milroy at “On The Ball K9 Training”.  After having the private lessons and going to Dog Socialization classes, Lady is now a different, well behaved dog.  All of her bad habits have been replaced by “Good Dog Behavior”.  She is still a fun loving dog, but now we are not embarrassed by her behavior.  Thank You, Summer—you worked a miracle!"

Abby and Vic Williamson and Lady - Denton Texas April 2017
"We want to thank Summer with "On the Ball k9 Training" for all she has done for our family and our new puppy.  We recently lost our lab of 10 years to cancer and we're ready to get a new companion for our family.  Summer came highly recommended by our vet and several friends of friends.  We were able to start in home, private lessons when Lucy was 15 weeks old.  Summer did an awesome job with Lucy and worked with us weekly giving us great training and advice.  Lucy did great and continues to do great with her commands.  I am so thankful I can easily walk her on her leash- that was one of the big things we wanted to be able to do with her. She doesn't jump up on people and she also did great with "place" training.  Summer was always punctual and very patient with all of my questions I had.  We also did some of our training out in public, which was great and made us very comfortable to be able to take her out now on our own.  We also continue to attend the socialization classes they provide and love going to those.  We highly recommend Summer and "On The Ball K9 Training"."

Amy and Jeff Wilhoit and Lucy ~ Denton Texas October 2016
avatar"I am, what some people would refer to as, a Senior Citizen. I would more accurately describe myself as a no nonsense, self assured individual with many years of life's experiences and a better than average ability to judge character and quality.
I have recently subjected my 9 month old black lab to Summer Milroy's 3 week board and train boot camp. He has just returned home very much improved in behavior and manners. During his tenure I communicated with Summer almost daily, tormenting her in every way that came to mind and to keep up with my puppy's progress. Not only did she tolerate me, she trained my dog very effectively. That being said, I have a yellow lab that has been to Summer's boot camp as well as had private at home training also. That training produced extraordinarily good results too. I would have not let her train my second dog without being completely satisfied with the first. 
All of the training was accomplished in Summer's quiet, repetitive manner with much love and absolutely no abuse to my dogs. I would recommend Summer Milroy's On the Ball Training whole heartedly and without reservation.
I tried to get Summer to pay me for this outstanding review and recommendation to no avail. So, any reader must assume my words are true and accurate."

Art Behrens and Rocky~ Denton Texas October 2016
"My wife and I bought an 8 week old Labrador a year ago and we engaged On the Ball K9 / Mrs. Summer Milroy to do in our home training for him. The program lasted once a week for approximately 8 weeks with great results. Because of some medical issues     for both of us, we were not able to continue his training as well as we should have. When he reached a year of age we again engaged On the Ball K9 for a 3 week intensive board and train program. Some of our main issues were jumping up, walking on a leash, staying in place, and off leash control. The results were phenomenal! Our puppy came home much more controlled and calm. He behaves politely to company with no jumping. He stays in place very well and is quite well behaved on a leash and is very responsive to commands off leash.
Finally, all of his training was accomplished with no harsh treatment.
We cannot recommend On the Ball K9 / Mrs. Summer Milroy highly enough!"


Art and Sandy Behrens and Stony ~ Denton Texas March 2016
On The Ball K9 Training and Summer are the best!!!


After several weeks with our new puppy, we were at wit's end. Ellie was born deaf, and although we thought we understood the challenges, we were totally unprepared for the chaos she would bring into our lives.  She was incredibly hyper and rarely able to focus on one thing for more than a few seconds. Attempting to teach her even the simplest of commands was  frustrating, for both us and her.


We contacted On The Ball K9 Training and decided to send Ellie to their K9 Camp Board and Train. And after three weeks with Summer, she is a completely different dog. I mean, she's still a crazy puppy spaz, but now she's a pleasant and enjoyable spaz. She can take direction. She can socialize with others. She can make mistakes but learn from them. Thank you, Summer! And I'm sure Ellie thanks you, too. 

Jonathan, Shannon and Ellie - Little Elm, TX Jan. 2016

Jonathan, Shannon and Ellie - Little Elm, TX
"We loved our dog, but he had developed a few nuisance behaviors that we could no longer tolerate. We tried different training methods, but nothing seemed to give us consistent results. Our dog sitter mentioned On the Ball K9 training and we hesitated to give them a call, and instead tried another in-home dog training method. We were tired of getting nowhere with our dog, so we finally decided to try On the Ball K9 training. Boy, are we glad we did! We began to see the consistent results we longed for. Now, we can enjoy walks with our dog and he is becoming a well-adjusted member of the family. We only wish we had called On the Ball K9 training sooner!"

LaJuan C. & Coco ~ Little Elm TX
avatarDear Summer,

Please share this with everyone!

 I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all you’ve done for our little family. As you know, I love to run and be outdoors. It was hard to always have to leave my dogs behind because they couldn’t walk nicely on a leash. It scared me to know they could pull me down and possibly endanger themselves too.

My husband and I are overjoyed with the results of our training sessions. Not only can I take my dogs for long walks, but I can take them both at the same time! My dogs trust me and I TRUST THEM. For my husband, it was really important to teach our dogs not to jump up on people (especially since his colleagues and their small children come over for football games and dinner). We also like that they stay wherever “place” we tell them to (sitting or lying down).  Our dogs learned these commands so quickly we were shocked!

You are a gifted dog trainer and I appreciate and admire your respect, patience and love for dogs. It was an amazing experience.  I look forward to seeing you again at group class and other dog social eventsMy pups will be eager to show you how much they improve their skills each day. J


Vena, Cava,  Janna & Dane C.

Vena, Cava, Janna & Dane C. - Denton Texas
"Summer, thank you so much for all your help in training our Maggie! You are amazing!! We were at wits end in knowing how to deal with a new puppy that had a lot of bad habits. She was the equivalent of having a naughty toddler!
The difference in Maggie since you have worked with her is astonishing! Maggie has much better manners and continues to improve everyday! Thank you so much and I will see you in class!"

Linda Coltrain & Maggie - Sanger TX
avatarSummer Milroy has done an amazing job with our little shelter puppy, Izzy.  Izzy is a very high energy dog.  He was running, jumping, and nipping so much that we could not integrate him into our family with our older dogs and grandchildren.  After K9 Camp we have been able to allow Izzy to play with the older dogs and run and play with the children.  His behavior has improved at least 95 per cent.  We are trying to keep up with consistent instruction and are using the follow-up visits to help us with the continued training.  Summer's instruction and guidance has allowed us to integrate this little guy into our family life.  He still tests me every day, but I now have the skills to deal with his behavior. We highly recommend this training program and taking advantage of the follow-up visits.  Thanks so much, Summer.

Phyllis and Maris Kalnins & Izzy - Lake Kiowa Texas

Summer is the best! Our Boxer Zoey spent a week boarding with her.  Before Zoey's stay, it was an odyssey taking her out for walks.  Zoey is notorious for jumping all over people - not to bite, just play.  She gets excited easily.  She reacts to everything around her and rarely stands still - lawn mowers, motorcycles, people and/or animals, would cause her to go wild.  The first day with Summer, she took Zoey to the park and sent us a picture of Zoey laying down, posing for the camera by herself.  Then came Office Max, and more trips out in public.  There was Zoey, behaving remarkably well - even posing for pictures with other dogs and not going crazy.  Summer sent us pictures and videos everyday and kept us abreast of the progress - which I appreciated very much.  Zoey had great fun running around playing with Modi and others.  Upon our return, Summer talked to us about what she observed and gave us tips on how to get the behavior corrected.  We have greatly benefited from this experience.  Zoey is now a lady and we are much better parents to her.  All because of Summer!

Thanks for all your help and for being there for all of us.

Coulter, Karina & Zoey - Corinth Texas
avatarEvening Summer,
Tess has been home from k9 camp now for two solid days and I just wanted to send you a big hug, thanking you for your professionalism in keeping my girls spirit happy and comfortable with the adaption of her remote collar.
I knew after much research on the Internet you were the one for us!
We have had our usual off leash long walks around the lake and trails and I must tell you I feel sooo much more comfortable with her off leash. Approaching three she was good with following commands but as you know they grow a bit more independent and I was feeling about 75 percent confident in her listening to me.  The remote collar has filled in the gap and I am so excited knowing she is safer and our walks are now very comfortable as her recalls are getting stronger "already", she drops things from her mouth the first time, and she seems more attentive to me.
Thanks for answering the phone today and answering my question, just let's me know you really are the real deal!
Thank you again for teaching me the right way and making this transition a pleasurable one for both of us.  It has changed our life for the better.

Gloria Hasten & Tess - Pottsboro TX
avatar"Summer is fabulous!  Our dog, Val, spent two weeks with Summer as part of the board and train program or “finishing school” as we like to call it.  At two years old, Val knew basic commands but walking her was becoming a chore due to excessive pulling and an abundance of energy.  She was emotionally unstable and lacked confidence in new situations which caused her to become overexcited or extremely nervous.  We recognized the need to mentally and physically challenge her more often in order to have a more mutually enjoyable relationship; however, we didn’t know where to begin.  That’s where Summer came in. She not only taught Val the correct way to walk on a leash, she taught us as well!  Walks have become a relaxing event that we look forward to.  Summer even worked with us several times after the two week program, helping us to become more effective leaders and trainers.  Val is much calmer now and can perform feats such as staying in one place with a lot of distractions... something we never thought possible.  She is gaining confidence every day and we are having a lot of fun learning new tricks.  The remote control collar allows us to effectively communicate and makes interaction so much more fun and effective.  We wish we had known of Summer when Val was younger, and would recommend her to anybody wanting a better relationship with their dog."

Morgan, Traci and Val - Flower Mound Texas

Jason & Sarah Ryburn & Harlow - Denton Texas
"Having had dogs for most of 45 years it was my impression that I just might really know a thing or two about training.  Summer has very patiently 'trained' me to realize a lot of my knowledge needed tuning.  Not just fine tuning but sometimes coarse training tuning.  Meaning I was out of whack on some issues.  Now I am working a very high drive dog that honestly keeps me on my toes.  Without Summers very patient encouragement Kyra and I might have had a few wrong paths. 

Summer I fully realize that your biggest hurtles with Kyra and myself are mine.  I appreciate the direction, knowledge, and correction.  Professional dog trainer you are.  Without reservation I recommend your program to others.  Kyra and I look forward to the various classes you will offer in the future.  Thanks for the patience.  For goodness save thanks for introducing us to Modi the wonder dog."

Mike Shelton & Kyra - Denton Texas

Just a short note to thank you for providing Ezra with desperately needed behavioral guidance.

We are very appreciative for the opportunity to meet you and have Ezra experience your tutelage. Her behavior is improved to the point we are no longer reluctant to expose her to new environments and people. She has become the companion we all hoped for and as a result enriched our lives.

Please feel free to us us as a reference for those uncertain about the benefits of your training methods.  We can freely recommend you and your abilities as an educator without any reservation whatsoever.

Thank you again and kind regards.

Steve & Kim Harrell - Abilene Texas
Harrell Resources
avatar"I have had good results training multiple dogs using clicker training. However only one of these dogs had a recall that was reliable enough to allow her to accompany me off leash on our six acre property. I want all the dogs to be able to participate in off leash walks and activities outside the confines of our fenced backyard.  This is where Summer and remote training entered the picture. Summer taught me how to use the remote collar in a humane way to teach my dogs Gus and Blue Moon to stay close, come when called, and ignore the multiple distractions available outside their fenced world. The dogs are now able to walk with me off leash on our property. They love it and I love it!

In addition to great recalls, Summer taught me how to use the remote collars to improve their doggy manners around other dogs and people too. Blue Moon is much less mouthy towards people, and Gus is much less reactive towards other dogs. The remote collar training has allowed my dogs a greater degree of freedom than they had previously. We even take them to Denton with us to dine at some of the patio restaurants. While I still use clicker training, the remote collar is a very valuable tool in the training and managing of my dogs also. 

Summer is an incredible trainer and understands both how to use and how to teach you to use the remote collar."


Janet Johnson, Gus, & Blue Moon - Sanger Texas
avatar"My dog Ruby, a Labradoodle, began remote collar training when she was eight months old.  It was by far, the best thing we could have done for her, aside from proper veterinarian care, and nutrition.  It was also one of the best things we could have done for our family as well.  When Ruby began training, she was very "mouthy" and jumped on everyone. She was also very difficult to take on walks, as she pulled constantly.  After her two week training, she was a new puppy!  The best part is, she gets better each day!  Her puppy manners went from minimal to none, to a very well behaved dog, in such a short amount of time.  One thing that I found to be the most beneficial for us as a family, is that we finally had some sort of control with our dog.  Before her training, I felt like there was nothing we could do to make her cooperate with us.  After her training, and with the use of the remote collar, we don't have to settle for that.  She is now such a joy to take on walks, and a balanced part of our family.  I highly recommend remote collar training and the continued use of a remote collar, to anyone who wants a happy, balanced dog, who will be an asset to your life and family."

Terra Caswell "Ruby's Mom" - Denton Texas
avatarRemote collar: "I was initially hesitant about the remote collar until I held one and was able to feel the sensation that they emit.  It is a non-threatening, non- painful sensation similar to a TENs unit used for adult muscle stimulation.  My small dog's (7 pounds) response to training with the collar was incredible.  She runs to me and is excited when I put the collar on her in the mornings.  After just two weeks, I have a dog that is responsive, noticeably better behaved and is a joy to walk on leash.  I am now a believer!"
Training: "After just two weeks with Summer, I have a noticeably better behaved dog.  Caddie comes when called, is extremely responsive, walks calmly on a leash, and most surprisingly, stays in place and doesn't bother us when eating!  She thoroughly enjoyed her time with Summer, as is evidenced by her extreme excitement when Summer comes to visit.  I too, have learned the tools needed to continue to work with my dog.  What a wonderful investment!"

Rebecca and Troy Turner & Caddie - Denton Texas
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