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On The Ball K9 Training, LLC
Average rating:  
 36 reviews
 by John and Tammy Critelli

If you are looking for both the best Dog and Owner professional training experience, then On The Ball K9 is your go-to place. With our previous two dog ownerships, we never felt the need to hire a trainer until we got Beau. He was simply too much to handle...crazy on walks...not exactly behaving near other get the point! After our 5 week Private Training Sessions...what a transformation. With Summer's guidance, patience and leash recommendations we have a completely new dog. 5 Stars isn't enough for us...just an exceptional experience all the way around!

 by Vicki C

When asking for recommendations for dog trainers, Summer Milroy at On The Ball K9 was by far the majority of responses. Our “rescued” German shepherd turned out to be very leash aggressive towards other dogs; and although we’ve had many dogs over the years our GS was more than we could deal with. We started with Summer’s socialization classes and this helped a lot but she needed more. Our GS first went to another trainer (had the earliest opening) and while she learned a lot, it didn’t help the leash reactivity. Sumner Milroy to the rescue! In hindsight we should have waited for her first open spot for board and train! Don’t be us, go with her first!
Our GS just came home from her OnTheBallK9 3 week board and train program. Summer was great and took her time explaining how she’d worked with our girl, what We needed to know to continue her training and what was necessary to strengthen our relationship with her. She also took us on an outing to show she could be taken around other dogs without it escalating into what we’d been experiencing. We just needed some training as well.
Thank you, Summer Milroy, we know with the help you’ve given us, your continued support and the follow thru with our “home” work we have the girl we wanted.

 by Mikayla Padgett & Taylor Copeland

We were desperate for help with our dog Cora! After careful research and many recommendations, we decided to seek Summer’s help. We could not be more grateful for Summer! She has been a tremendous source of knowledge and inspiration. One of the advantages of her at-home training program is she teaches techniques and activities to practice with our dog throughout the training periods and on our own time, resulting in marked increase in confidence both for us as trainers and for Cora. We look forward to continuing to practice and hone the skills she imparted and couldn’t be happier about the ongoing improvement we see in our dog!

 by Melissa and Alex Puentes

Summer is extremely talented at what she does and she goes above and beyond for dogs and their humans! She knew we were anxious about leaving our German Shepherd with her for 3 weeks, and she did an awesome job maintaining communication with us during that time, letting us know how our pup was doing and what she was working on. Our dog came home with a really strong foundation of commands and responses. Summer is also is very clear about expectations to maintain your dog’s good behavior, and encouraged us to always reach out to her with any questions or concerns.

 by RMZ

We had a sweet but overly rambunctious golden doodle that we sent to Summer’s board and train program. I have to say, from day one after she came home it’s like a different dog in all the best ways. She is still our sweet and loving girl but so much calmer and well behaved. Instead of pulling us on walks and chasing animals, she just strolls along right next to us. She doesn’t jump up on everyone she meets anymore, she listens to our commands wonderfully and honestly just seems to be a calmer and happier dog. I can’t recommend the program enough!!

 by April Ward

I reached out to Summer for some help training my ill behaved 3 year old pitbull. I wanted to gain some control and bring more peace to my household. We did the private at home lessons and with Summer's guidance she has helped me transform Ellie into a new dog. I can now enjoy having company over without her being overwhelming to guests. I can really enjoy having a dog now. Thanks so much Summer! You truly are the best!

 by Amy B

I cannot recommend Summer and her training programs enough. We sent our covid rescue pup to her board and train program- it’s amazing! Her behavior has done a 180. She was a very anxious and easily stressed dog with very bad leash reactivity issues. She is now calm and content and so are we! Before we sent her to Summer we could hardly walk her due to her leash reactivity to other dogs- we now have the tools and skills from Summer’s program to make walking a much more enjoyable experience. Thank you, Summer!



 by MC

Summer is the best! We did the board and train for our 10 month old English cream golden and we are still amazed at the results. He is a brand new dog with brand new manners! Summer did a great job training us too. Cannot say enough good things about her and the program. Thank you, Summer!

 by George & Toni Clerihew

My wife and I just finished our private training sessions with Summer and we can not say enough good things about our experience. We have a 2 year old Golden Retriever that we adopted from a rescue organization, so we did not have any information on his upbringing, all we knew is that while he is a pretty chill dog overall, he can be very stubborn at times. Our main issues to improve on were his stubbornness to act on commands immediately and to stop pulling on walks. There were a few other things as well, but those were the two at the top of the list. After now completing the lessons and working with Summer, our GR, Sundance, has shown great improvement in these areas. We are very pleased with the results so far and look forward to further improvement in the near future as we continue to work with him and apply the training methods and techniques that Summer has shown and worked with us on. Summer is extremely knowledgeable, patient and super easy to work with. My wife and I (and Sundance) highly recommend using Summer! You will be happy with Summer (as a trainer and person) and the results, especially if you do your part as the owner. Thank you Summer!

 by KM

I can’t begin to express how thankful we are for Summer and her help with our dog Moose. My husband and I were feeling very discouraged with our decision to add a dog into our everyday life. We felt in over our heads with training and we were not experiencing the joy of having a dog as a companion, but instead feeling the weight of the challenges in obedience, responsibilities and sacrifice because we did not feel confident taking Moose out in public. After meeting summer, completing a 3-week board and train and having Summer educate my husband and I as trainers, I can confidently say our life has changed. My husband and I now feel the joy of having a dog, we feel confident in our abilities to train Moose and Moose came back from board and train obedient and exhibiting so many new skills! Summer not only is gentle, kind and effective with dogs, but she also takes the time to answer questions and spend time with us as the owners. Working with Summer was the best decision we have ever made and we are so thankful for Summer and her continued support!

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