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On The Ball K9 Training, LLC
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 28 reviews
by George & Toni Clerihew on On The Ball K9 Training, LLC

My wife and I just finished our private training sessions with Summer and we can not say enough good things about our experience. We have a 2 year old Golden Retriever that we adopted from a rescue organization, so we did not have any information on his upbringing, all we knew is that while he is a pretty chill dog overall, he can be very stubborn at times. Our main issues to improve on were his stubbornness to act on commands immediately and to stop pulling on walks. There were a few other things as well, but those were the two at the top of the list. After now completing the lessons and working with Summer, our GR, Sundance, has shown great improvement in these areas. We are very pleased with the results so far and look forward to further improvement in the near future as we continue to work with him and apply the training methods and techniques that Summer has shown and worked with us on. Summer is extremely knowledgeable, patient and super easy to work with. My wife and I (and Sundance) highly recommend using Summer! You will be happy with Summer (as a trainer and person) and the results, especially if you do your part as the owner. Thank you Summer!

by KM on On The Ball K9 Training, LLC

I can’t begin to express how thankful we are for Summer and her help with our dog Moose. My husband and I were feeling very discouraged with our decision to add a dog into our everyday life. We felt in over our heads with training and we were not experiencing the joy of having a dog as a companion, but instead feeling the weight of the challenges in obedience, responsibilities and sacrifice because we did not feel confident taking Moose out in public. After meeting summer, completing a 3-week board and train and having Summer educate my husband and I as trainers, I can confidently say our life has changed. My husband and I now feel the joy of having a dog, we feel confident in our abilities to train Moose and Moose came back from board and train obedient and exhibiting so many new skills! Summer not only is gentle, kind and effective with dogs, but she also takes the time to answer questions and spend time with us as the owners. Working with Summer was the best decision we have ever made and we are so thankful for Summer and her continued support!

by Ryan F on On The Ball K9 Training, LLC

Summer is AMAZING!! A friend of a friend recommended her to us. He said Summer did wonders with their dog and strongly recommended us to use her. We have a Doberman who would not listen. We took him to a trainer before and saw very little change. We were hesitant to spend the money again but we decided to do the board and train. THANK GOD WE DID. My wife used to refer to our dog as "your dog" and was super frustrated. My wife now LOVES our dog more than ever and refers to him as "OUR dog!" She is never frustrated with him any longer, enjoys their WALKS!!!!, listens like a champ, and is a pleasure all around! If only she did board & train with toddlers. :) If she did, we would be first in line. LOL JK. 😂🤣😂🤣 Thanks Summer! We consider you our friend and I'm sure you make everyone feel that way. God Bless and thank you so much.

by Rachelle and Gabriel on On The Ball K9 Training, LLC

We were a little skeptical (and scared) when we decided to send our cute little devil away for three weeks for training. He was brought home to us on Sunday the most well behaved, polite and all around sweetest dog ever. He still has his spunky personality, now just with self control. It was the best decision we could have made for him and our family. Summer is amazing and is obviously very good at what she does. We couldn't be more appreciative of what she has done with Lux. She made being around him enjoyable, which before he went to training was a struggle at times. Ok,most of the time. Summer posted pictures and sent updates to calm our nerves throughout the process. She was sensitive to the fact this process was a little tough for us. We couldn't be happier with how this all worked out and recommend her to anyone. After this experience we are confident that she could work wonders with even the most untrainable dogs.

by Audrey Staniszewski on On The Ball K9 Training, LLC

We adopted our Shepherd mix puppy from a rescue knowing she had issues. We gave Eliza time and patience, and several rounds of puppy class and basic obedience, I was referred to socialization class to build Eliza's confidence, and minimize reactive episodes. Eliza came a long way in Big Dog Socialzation but still had some struggles which limited her to safe surroundings. Eliza was even considered "reactive." I also had purchased every advertised and recommend collar to "fix" her pulling while walking. I reached out to Summer to help me, help Eliza get to the next level. The e collar system and Summer's common sense dog wisdom, has made a world of difference with Eliza and I. It has changed our relationship and raised my expectations. I am able to work on "hard things" with Eliza and have seen jumps in her confidence. Eliza's improved leash walking, alone, was worth the investment of working with Summer! I now get compliments from neighbors! Eliza gets to go so many more places to walk and work on her skills. Summer is a Professional dog and owner trainer and is worth every cent of the investment for you and your pet. Plus Summer makes the time enjoyable and fun!

by Robert W. on On The Ball K9 Training, LLC

Summer is an excellent dog trainer and we are very grateful that we found her! She helped us get our corgi puppy trained up. Not only were her private training sessions very informative and on the spot, but she was always on time and willing to answer questions even when she wasn’t in session. She was definitely a lifesaver!

by Bob S. on On The Ball K9 Training, LLC

My wife and I have three large puppies that are 20 months old and about 100# each, we were having dogs getting to hard to handle, fighting with each other. The problem was two of the dogs are Dutch Shepherd sisters, they are very smart, and extremely high energy, to the point where we weren’t sure we could handle them. After our second visit with Summer she was able to help us understand what the dogs need from us. We are now working with the sisters, with Summers direction we feel like we will be able work with the sisters by giving them the structure they need, and a better understanding how to train our dogs. And point out the things we were doing that are less the helpful. If you want to understand and be able to bring pet ownership to a new level, I would strongly recommend Summer and “On the Ball K9.

by Lindsay R. on On The Ball K9 Training, LLC

"Speak softly and carry a big stick" is what comes to mind when I think of my training experience with On the Ball. Summer is very soft spoken, but commands the respect of dogs and their humans.

My husband and I are first time dog owners and adopted a 4 year old German Shepherd rescue (probably not recommended.) Our inexperience was evident when we brought Linus home. We knew little about him other than he was a nervous dog with few boundaries and I knew that we would need a lot of guidance. I sent an inquiry to On the Ball and was desperate for help in establishing peace between our resident felines and the new canine wild child. Summer scheduled the in home evaluation and Linus barked and barked and barked...and barked at her presence. Even though I didn't immediately enroll in lessons, Summer was quick to recommend socialization and offered a few other free pieces of advice. I was impressed with her willingness to work with a dog who was clearly not happy with a stranger on his turf.

We've since completed our lessons and Linus is a regular staple at group socialization. He adores Summer and stops for Drive-by pets whenever he sees her. Linus' confidence has risen and is adjusting nicely to his role in our household. He is a dream to walk and we are often complimented by neighbors with more unruly dogs.

I'm a huge fan of Summer's method. She gives you all of the tools that you need to train your dog. As long as you do your homework, the e-collar is extremely effective. I also love the group classes, as it gives you an opportunity to meet with other clients and their dogs.

Summer is clearly passionate about what she does. Her patience, knowledge, and experience are invaluable. I highly recommend On the Ball K9!

by Tracy M. on On The Ball K9 Training, LLC

I couldn’t be more pleased with Hattie’s training under the guidance of On The Ball K9. Summer Milroy is an amazing trainer. She gave me the confidence and tools I needed to train Hattie. Forever grateful!!!

by Cassi L. on On The Ball K9 Training, LLC

My husband and I wanted to get a large dog for my son. Summer helped us narrow down what kind of dog we should go for and came for our first home consultation, we knew there was no choice but On the Ball!

Summer is incredible! She is so knowledgeable and accessible. we are already seeing a difference in our puppy. After only 3 session our puppy responded to "sit," "down," "Place," "off," and "come." For those of you that know the breed (stubborn lab mix) this is a pretty big feat! She is socialized, getting trained, and is an overall happy pup.
Whenever we have a question, or Lil exhibits a behavior we aren't sure what to do with, Summer has a solution or suggestion, and they haven't failed yet.

Summer is more than we could have ever asked for. It is more than just the fact that she obviously loves dogs, she respects them, wants the best for them, and it shows in her work and interaction. Our dog could not love her more, and her people aren't far behind!

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